Acrys the water planet


Acrys is a small planet, covered in blue-green seas varying drastically in depth. The southern waters of the planet are shallow and warm. Groups of skrahs and other predatory sea creatures thrive in these tropical conditions. If the natural sea-life isn't enough to content the adventurous, maurauding bands of vicious pirates sail these waters both above and below the waves. They have seen many an unwary traveller walk the plank. Their trail of devastation can be easily be tracked, not only by the destruction they leave behind, but also simply by the smell of the potent alchoholic liquors they brew.

Let not the foolhardy think that because of the abundance of professional piracy and sea-life that Acrys is without its advantages.

In the course of the population of the planet from the outside, the askari have gained a vast array of technology. Being able to trade valuable ores with the rest of the cosmos, as well as pirating from them certainly has its advantages! However, one thing the technology has not been able to do so far is find a solution to the acidic atmosphere and waters which eat away at most normal metals and degrade their performance and protection rapidly.



Mining keeps the interplanetary corporations happy.


Piracy keeps the masses happy... as well as the tourists...

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