Acrys the water planet



Far to the north of the city are situated ore mines.


The Magnetic Levitation shuttle system connects all the main areas of the planet. Namely the spaceport and the city domes. A main circular route exists around these parts. Also, occasional services run to the more remote parts. No bookings need to be made. Tickets available from the usual outlets.


The Orbital is a small spacestation orbiting the planet. It contains some unusual, but useful services which are unavailable anywhere else on the planet.


The spaceport is usually the hub of activity on the planet. The different races tend to gather here to talk, trade and gamble. The spaceport casino is reknown throughout the galaxy as being one of the best. Though the dealers are known as some of the most ruthless...

Leisure time can be spent on floor three of the spaceport. This floor is dedicated to the running of the Acrys equivalent of a Virtual Reality Holodeck. It is named the 'Reality Projection Engine' and contains a small selection of quests and activities designed to hone your skills to perfection whilst providing a good evening's entertainment.

Floor 4 is the starting place for new Askari adventurers.: A small adventurer's guild is situated here to help start them off on their travels and improve new skills. The available amenities on this level include the main post office.

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