The Administration of Outer Space

See pictures of OuterSpace Administrators and other wizards on the gallery.

Styxx Keeper
Koresh Keeper
Hercules Arch of MudLib
Rogar Arch of Balance
Tijntje Arch of Quality Control
Ash Liege of Acrys
Avatar Liege of Aurora
Dyorion Liege of Earth

The Keeper and Arches are the most important wizards in the MUD hierarchy. They decide on the MUD policy and organization. All important decisions require approval of the Arch Council. Players and wizards can contact them by sending a (MUD)mail to 'admin', or by leaving a note on any of the bulletin boards. The administation can also be reached via email at

Lieges are the leaders of a specific domain: every domain has its own Liege. They are responsible for what is being created in their respective domains and for the connections between the different areas. Lieges can be assisted by one or more Mages.
Mages are normal wizards, who have distinguished themselves by very hard work, or special accomplishments for the MUD. Then there are many regular wizards, they do the regular - but very important - work of creating the virtual world for the players. (This doesn't mean the higher wizards don't code simple rooms and stuff: they just do more.)

Madwands are regular players, who have been asked to temporarily help out with the creation of a specific domain. There are also a few wizards, who lack the possibilities of creating: retired wizards, pilgrims and apprentices (beginning wizards who have not yet joined a domain).

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