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Aurora is a domain of Outer Space, a MUD located in the Netherlands.

OuterSpace consists of several planets, all having different technology levels. Aurora is one of these planets, the only low-tech planet to be precise. For more information about Outer Space, feel free to take a look at it's homepage!

Aurora is a low-tech area, inhabited by reptile-like people. By some strange idea of Nature, other intelligent life wasn't able to penetrate Aurora's atmosphere. Because of that, Aurora's inhabitants were quite unaware of the fact that they're not alone in the universe.

However, this situation is about to change. New technology makes it possible to actually land on Aurora with huge spaceships. A confrontation can't be avoided.

Under normal circumstances, Aurora wouldn't have any chance. However, Aurora is gifted with Magic. In fact, magic is everywhere on Aurora. It might still have a chance....

The following information about Aurora is available at this moment:

  1. Aurora's Background
  2. Ki'thar race information
  3. The Nemesis guild
  4. The Stonehawk guild (uncompleted)
  5. The Defenders guild (uncompleted)
  6. The plans for Aurora
  7. Who's working on this then?
  8. "Ok. But I still dont...." Or: Welcome at the FAQ!

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