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Written by Caligula (22 Oct. 1999)

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Those that wish to know more about the original proposals and the discussions that followed, I like to refer to the web-page

This document will reiterate part of that text, but has been expanded to include more information about some of the guilds abilities, and also includes an admittedly ambitious timeframe along which we wizards wish to work on the new Aurora.


WIZNOTE: Please read the files in /d/aurora/open/doc/ first.

The current phase in Aurora's history is that of the aftermath of the Great War. We believe it is time for the different races and civilisations of Aurora to get on with their lives.

Years have passed since the Great War, and the civilised Aurorans have regained a lot of ground from the Demonic Army. The enemy was thrown behind the grand river of Anassan, and the villages slowly rebuilt. Then came a new player on the battlefield: the humans. For years they had been living inside a volcano in the southern-most parts of the Continent. As the magical wards their gods had placed around their new home -- to prevent any interference with the rest of Aurora's population -- began to fade, a few bands of adventurers roamed the lands, followed by a vast Roman army that tried to gain control over the other civilisations.

They were stopped by the Kithar armies at the banks of the river Anassan in the north, by the Lurkane and the Kizern at the Lake of Kastadan in the west, and by the Rseers at the Swamps of Sidikhan in the east. At that point, the strangest thing in the history of Aurora happened: the most powerful of the Guild Masters called for a conference of the different races and civilisations on the Island of Roglan, and decided it was time to put aside their differences and draw eternal borders. All rulers of the civilisations, albeit some more reluctant than others, signed a treaty, and agreed to build a monument on Roglan and declare it neutral ground, where the different races would meet to settle their disputes. A city grew quickly around this monument, and all races established a permanent embassy in this new city named Urbacis. Roads and bridges were built, and it became the new centre of Aurora.

The civilisations

NOTE: From now on, we speak in terms of civilisations rather than races.

The Kinath nation

After the Great War and successive victories against their common enemies, the Kithar and Kizern peoples reunited as the Kinath nation. Their capitol is in Arbor, and their realm covers the lands between the river Anassan and the Great Desert in the north, and on the other side of the river they hold on to the Stone Towers, which have an almost sacred meaning in their history.

They have two guilds: the Magikhans and the Defenders. The former work with magic and get their training in the Tower of Sorcery near Arbor, the latter are warriors trained in the Fortress, which is strategically located in the Mountains, near the border with the lands claimed by the Rseer Hordes.

The Lurkane collective

Once the outcasts of all that called itself 'well-willing and good-behaving', these smugglers and thieves were given the free-state city of Belan as a reward for their help in the battle against the Rseer minions.

Masters of thievery and trickery, they are organised in the Slickhand and Stone Hawk guilds. The Slickhand guild trains its members to become acrobatics and assassins, whereas the Stone Hawk guild urges its members to explore the psyonic powers that are hidden in everyones minds.

The Edenian elders

Based around the forest of Edenia and the lake of Kastadan, they are of an elder race and are equipped with a strange form of magic, based on the so-called ether.

Visit their home page at:

Ofcourse, you can also visit the local copies. These have been upgraded to proper HTML and have additional comments. They also have the distict advantage of NO POPUP WINDOWS.

Edenia local copies: home Shadowguild Etherguild Guilditems History

The Roman empire

The story of how the human races got to Aurora is explained elsewhere.

Based around Romanova in Vucero, they have two guilds: the Ecclesiastics, which are priests and call on tothe whole spectrum of deities, and the Legionnaires, well-known for their discipline and hardiness in battle.

The Celtic clans

Based around Celvig in Vucero, they have two guilds as well: Druids and Bards, the first of which call upon the powers of nature and its elements, while the latter are known to combine their fighting skills with a rudimentary knowledge of magic.

The Rseer hordes

The Evil guys haven't just disappeared from the face of Aurora however, and a new War might very well start soon, and probably because of what follows here:

'There are several different stories as to why the Demonic Army was defeated at Arbor. Some said it was because the army was split up between the Kithar in Arbor and the Kizern at the Stone Towers. Others added that none would have survived the encounter with the Foul Minions if it had not been for the intervention of the Lurkane, the outcasts of the other races, while a few people still speak of the Zwansen as their saviour. Recent information however, shows clearly that none of these stories was entirely true, even though all these had an influence on the defeat of the Great Foe.

It seems that the only reason they were defeated, was an internal struggle between the different factions of the Rseer leaders. Some had gained control over a race of huge winged insectoids, and tried to seize power over the other clans. This caused the Amphydian Alliance that made the Rseers so powerful, to implode and the tribal wars started all over again. New alliances are being formed however, and if one faction were to gain control over the others again, the other races would be in serious trouble.

Currently, Kargath and his Raiders (horse-riding fighters) have built camp near the Amphydian Stone, and claim control over the other hordes, but he is encountering strong resistance from the followers of Nemesis the Undead, and the Wingriders.'


They are a seafaring community of fishermen and explorers around the coastal area of Seagate, where you can hire ships to sail to the Colonies.


This is not intended as an in-depth view of these guilds, just some thoughts; in the future, each guild will receive a homepage with a more or less lengthy explanation of their skills.


Technically speaking, there are three types of guilds: the occupational, layman and race guilds. Occupational guilds offer impressive skills to turn you into a professional member, and these abilities are often combat-centered; layman guilds are sort of hobby-clubs, which mainly offer supportive skills that are often not combat-related; race guilds or in Aurora's parlance: civilisation guilds are of a different kind.

In the new Aurora, players will have to pledge allegiance to a civilisation before they can actually join one of their occupational guilds. These civilisation guilds will give their members the ability to speak that civilisationss language without others being able to understand them, and a magical object which allows them to transport them back to the centre of their Allegiances area.

Occupational guilds

Magikhans [Kinath]

To put it bluntly: mages. What the difference should be is up to the Powers That Be. One option is to give them spells specialised in a certain area. Anyway, they should both go to the wizschool to receive their basic knowledge of magic.

Defenders [Kinath] (by Matroid)

Regular fighters, they might come in different flavours regarding the focus of their skills (bonus for blunt weapons or swords, stuff like that).

Visit their home page at:

Slickhand [Lurkane]

As stated above, these guys are trained in thievery. Assassins might get a bonus on their backstab and learn to parry attacks, while Acrobats are very hard to hit and rely on throwing daggers to do damage while they have a bonus in unarmed combat.

Stone Hawk [Lurkane]

Here is where the psyonics creeps in; the members of the Stone Hawk guild can play tricks on peoples minds, and have various powers to inflict damage.

Visit their home page at:

Ecclesiastics [Roman]

As true priests, they have a range of gods to serve, with options for healing, disease-causing, fire-striking or even other prayers for their gods to grant.

Legionnaires [Roman]

Masters of combat with a shortsword, they can hurl spears like no one else. Definitely strong fighters, who can call to the goddess Victoria to give them some aid, and can bind wounds when not in combat.

Druids [Celtic]

Masters of herbalism, they can mix all sorts of potions, thanks to being close to nature, they can call on the four elements (earth, wind, fire and water) to kick their opponents asses.

Bards [Celtic]

A mix-and-match combination of different guilds, they have basic fighting skills and basic knowledge of magic. They mainly rely on singing and playing their harps to scare and slowdown their enemies and to encourage and speed up themselves.

WingRiders [Rseer]

These mages have gained control over a huge winged insectoid, which can transport them to all kinds of places (not inside rooms of course). This insectoid can aid them in their fights, but they have to be trained and fed, so this guild will probably have a huge tax.

Raiders [Rseer]

Ya basic warrior, dumb-asses that rely on sheer but brute power. Riding their horses, they can wreak havoc and spread terror amongst the lands.

Nemesis [Rseer] (by Caligula)

One of the oldest known guilds on Aurora, these priest-mages have been focusing their research on death; appliers of necromancy and voodoo, along with the ability to raise zombies and summon unholy creatures, these are a group to be feared.

Layman guilds

Unlike the occupational guilds, these layman guilds have as of yet not been as thoroughly planned. A couple that have been discussed online are displayed below. Of course, there is lots of room for expansion, as new ideas unfold.


The Boxers are just that: unarmed combattants; ideal to combine with priest- or mage-like guilds, which often lack good punching abilities.


These men have learned to explore this strange world, and have excellent scouting abilities, along with a good training in archery.


As smiths, they have the abilities required to provide themselves with tremendous weaponry and armoury. As these require muscular power, you can expect them to throw in a good fight as well.


NOTE:Through a fairly small restructuring of the continent, we can make room for what we need and still enable future expansion.

Map of the new Aurora

Co = Colonies Py = Pyramid
Be = Belan Ar = Arbor
Mi = Mirdilia Mo = Mountains
Su = Sarugaku Dj = Dark Jungle
Np = North Port Ur = Urbacis
Se = Seagate Am = Amphydia
St = Stone Towers Sw = Swamps of Sidikhan
Ed = Edenia Ov = Oakville
Dc = Draks Castle Vu = Vucero
Ws = Wizschool

In my view, this map is a good guidance for building the new areas and integrating them with the old ones. In the next few pages, I will explain which new areas we should build, and build some sort of a framework on which we'll base our intended progress.

Further expansion can be done either on islands, or to the north (Desert?). Smaller areas can be built between villages, and plugged in right into the Plains.

Existing areas

WIZNOTE: Please read the different backgrounds of existing areas first.


Arbor has always been seen as the northern village (in spite of the terminated Desert project). It already has an eastern exit to the Mountains, so that should not really be a problem. Its southern exit will be changed from Mirdilia to the Plains.

To be added: a throne room for the Kithar King and a Tower of Sorcery.

Mirdilia (by Cerebus)

Used to be the connection between Arbor and the Stone Towers. Will be offset to the west; its south and (new) east exits will be towards the Plains, its northern exit provides a passage to Belan.

Stone Towers (by Khelben)

Will still be in the southwest, but will now be on the other side of the river Anassan, and connected to the Plains by a ferry to the north, and Oakville to the east.


Will gain an extra exit to the Plains. Will remain the connection between Arbor and the Dark Jungle. Will also sport the Defenders Fortress.

Dark Jungle (by Void)

Will gain an extra exit southways to the Plains; Is already the headquarters of the Nemesis guild.

WizSchool (Avatar)

has been recoded and now has an exit/entrance to Urbacis.

Pyramid (by Styxx)

Will stay as it was, though in the future it may shift a bit if we choose to develop the aborted Desert-effort again.

New areas

Urbacis (Caligula/Rachy)

Urbacis, the city built on the isle of Roglan, with its legendary Peace Monument, will be the new centre stage of Aurora. This is where new adventurers will come in from space, and be able to beam up.

It will also be the home of the Observers (that is us, the Wizards) who are gradually filling a library with writings about areas they have visited. The players should think of the Observers as a band of the most powerful adventurers that go about exploring new areas and study the history of Aurora.

The library will contain our scribblings about the areas and the races [especially the Recent Discoveries section], while new players will be able to learn a number of things about guilds and cities at the different embassies.

Plains (Caligula/Rachy/Tlatoani)

The plains completely surround Urbacis and form the cement between the different areas. They contain a series of villages, bridges and the rivers. This area will be built first to hack in the new connections between areas. Then, as areas are completed, new roads will be built and new villages to connect them.

Seagate (Caligula/Prefect)

Should become the harbour of the Continent, and have ships to carry us to islands.

Belan (Void)

The city of thieves, which is long overdue, will get a place on the map, north of Mirdilia.

Oakville (Hexyl/Avatar)

An old project revived, this area sports a large forest, along with the ruins of a long-lost civilisation. Most coding is being done by Hexyl at this moment and the project is coming along sowly, but it is making progress.

Vucero (Caligula/Golte)

The homeland of the humans.

Swamp (Matroid)

The home of the Wingriders.

Amphydia (Caligula/Void)

The Amphydian Stones are a Stonehenge-like place, but of evil, death and dismay. Also the place to be to enlist in Kargaths Raiders.

Sarugaku (Ruckus)

Sort of a Japanese village, with bamboo houses and temples and all, with a forest to the north where evil lurks behind every tree.

Edenia (Raiden/Matroid)

Home of the Elders, who practice magic based on ether.

Visit the home page at:

North Port (Prefect)

A fishermans village; also an alternate port for those seeking to visit the Colonies.

Castle (Drak)

No in-depth information is available at this point.


Here, the picture becomes quite fuzzy; the colonies might include prehistoric areas, or whatever phantasy we come up with.


Phase 1. Restructuring what we have.

Area changes planned: the first things to implement should be Urbacis and the Plains (partially, except for the connections to the area of the humans and the unimplemented areas of the Rseers); Arbor will be updated to its new status; other areas currently slated for this release: North Port, Oakville and Sarugaku.

Guild changes planned: Nemesis occ-guild (improved); Kinath civ-guild (new); Defenders occ-guild (new).

Comments: these might very well be confusing times for the regular players, as they have to search where the heck their areas are now; but better soon than late, and its development is getting along quite well at the moment.

Expected delivery date: May 1st, AD 2000.

Maybe it is a good idea to create a slightly more realistic schedule

Phase 2. Work on new areas and occupational/civilisation guilds.

Area changes planned: of course we'll try to open all areas that have been discussed in this document; therefore you will randomly see new areas opened; these openings will be posted on the Urbacis Bulletin Board and Library, so be sure to check these regularly.

Guild changes planned: all civ-guilds; Magikhans and Stone Hawk occ-guilds before any others as things are now.

Comments: this will be the tricky phase, in which players won't see progress for a while, and most of us wizzes might get bored with finishing areas where no player has gone before. The only truely visible change will be the upgrades to existing guilds, the random opening of new areas as discussed above, and the newbie areas that should pop up near Urbacis the general idea is that the further you get from Urbacis, the more danger.

Expected delivery date: throughout 2000.

Phase 3. Addition of areas not documented here and layman guilds.

Comments: the last phase of this overhaul, during which we can expand through islands for large areas, to the north for a desert, to the south and east as well if we like, and throw in some smaller areas right in the Plains.

Expected delivery date: get a crystal ball.

That is it for now, we'll discuss it online of course.

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