Aurora's background.

In the early beginnings of the Universe, mighty Gods named Celestials placed lifeforms on several planets and studied their evolution.

Every good story starts with some lines like these. So does Aurora's background. The following text has been token directly from Aurora's background, as it is at this moment. (original text by Void)

Aurora was one of these planets and here the race of the Ki'thar evolved from a reptilian lifeform, suited for survival in the desert and jungle.

Aurora itself is a place of magic, and this magic can both be evil as well as good. The desert was filled with good magic and this is were most of the Ki'thar evolved thus becoming a peaceful race but still with the same destructive power inside as the desert has.

In the jungle however, the reptiles evolved into a more hostile race called the R'seers. They use their dark magic only for their own good and in the beginning they waged war upon the Ki'thar. But the Ki'thar proved to be stronger and the R'seers had to retreat into the darker parts of the jungle.

They used their dark magic to flood the area around their hideout thus creating an isle in the mountains. They are currently at peace with the Ki'thar. In another part of Aurora, Tol Amed, the reptiles brought forth a race called "Zwansen". Furthermore, a race called the Gyth lives more southwards.

Only recently, this planet called Aurora, has been discovered by Earth Forces. It is unknown if these Earthlings will have hostile intentions. However, their heavy cruisers aren't able to penetrate Aurora's atmosphere due to strange electrical storms around the entire planet. This is probably an artificial barrier created by the Celestials.

There have been reports however of small shuttles penetrating this shield and bringing small groups of Earth commandos to Aurora where they set up a base in a remote part of Aurora, far from Arbor, the capitol of Aurora.

So far, there has been no contact between these Earthlings and the Aurorians. This will change in the near future however...."

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