The Defenders Guild

Written by Matroid, March 1, 2000.

Base ideas and abilities by Caligula: <>.

Guild type

Fighter. The Defenders is a real fighter guild. The Defenders are trained in such a way that they will be able to fight, and kill, the most vicious and strong opponents. The fighting techniques can be divided in three groups:

It is the combination of these three different angles that makes the Defenders guild so very powerful. Of course this has a price. Many attacks can pose serious risks to your own life if you underestimate your own powers. Also, the Defenders guild has a very high guild tax.

Guild status

For now, only occupational members are allowed. However, some rumours circulate that that maybe changed in the future.


The guild headquarters are located in the Mountains, east of the proud city of Arbor, the Old Capital of the planet. Here in the mountains, there is a Fortress. Here the trainings take place, but also the meetings of the Guild Council and the members. Last but not least, it can be very well defended against the evil rseers from the Dark East.



To join, you must first find the Fortress. This is not very hard, because the Fortress is a mighty and huge construction, in a very strategic place in the Mountains. You cannot just enter the Fortress. You should first make clear to the Fortress Guards that you want to join, and show that you meet the requirements. If you succeed in doing so, you may enter. However, if you do not meet the requirements: beware! Because the guards may attack you!

Inside, there is a large but old library, in where all the information about the Defenders is stored. Well, _all_ the information is not correct - the notes of the meetings of the Guild Council and the other Leaders is kept safe, and inaccessible to the lower-level members, let alone the non-members!

When you have read about the background of the Defenders, and you think that you should join, you can go Faigin. Faigin is a very old but very strong guard inside the Fortress. You can ask him to join, and if he believes in your good intentions, he will let you enter the joining room, where you will get further instructions about your future in the Guild of the Defenders.


When you join the guild, you start in the First Circle. The guild has a total of eight of those Circles. By gaining a lot of combat or quest experience, you will someday be called to join another Circle. More information on the Circles can be obtained inside the guild. Of course it is also possible to ask other guild members, but in order to make sure the special techniques that are taught by the guild remain secret, members are not allowed to reveal very much information.

Basically the skills you can learn, and the abilities you have depend on the circle you're in. The guild tax resembles this: you do not pay the full tax when you don't have access to everything yet.



Common fighting skills:

Guild-specific skills:

Other skills:


More on fighting

The Defenders aren't very aggressive by nature; the name 'Defenders' says it all. The Defenders are very good fighters, especially with swords. However, more interesing fighting techniques are available as well. For instance, we take some abilities that are available from the First Circle:

Divine curse. Unlike most fast martial arts abilities, this spell does cost a temporary loss of defence. You will fight faster with this spell. A downside of this spell is that it will make you tired. And for good fighting, you need to be very sharp.

Headbutt. Try to break the face of your opponent. You need to be very strong for this to have much effect. Also, make sure you have a good helmet - otherwise it might be your face that breaks...

Pommel. Use the backside of your dagger or sword. This can be used to hit your enemy very hard.

Access to the Armoury

The level of access a Defender gets to the armoury depends on his experience; as he progresses, he shall gradually receive more and more armoury as standard equipment from the guild; this varies from gauntlets, boots and pauldrons to the ultimate dream: the Defenders' Platemail, which is rumoured to resist a number of magical attacks.


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