Edenia's History

This is the history of the Edenian Race. It is a very important history which spans the ages and worlds. This race of mortal beings were the first to inhabit the lands of Aurora. They were experts at all magical and physical arts. They had strength and knew of the most powerful magics and the more complicated fighting attacks. It is also know that this race were not normal at all. They could survive on the barren world of Aurora without much help from the gods. Celestials watched over them until they decided to leave this galaxy. Before leaving, the Celestials granted the Edenians the powers to be gods and rule the world of Aurora. These Edenias used their powers to give life to Aurora and create a race of beings called the Ki'thar

This was also known as the first mistake that the newly named gods would ever make. The Ki'thar started a war that never ended. They used the weapons that were given to them to harm the other side. The Edenians watched this, not very pleased, and decided that if the Ki'thar was granted magic, they would stop their fighting and unify. So the Edenians sent a missionary from their hidden city to teach a young boy, who was thought to be of pure blood, the ancient forms of magic. The boy learned this very quickly and began training others in the fields of magic, contructing three Stone Towers in which to practice, learn, teach, and discover magical types and abilities.

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