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The Underwater City - Aquaris

This is an underwater city created by the goddess Ragnorak at the beginning of Aurora's birth. The city's name is Aquaris and it is completely mage of crystals and bubbles. There is only one way to enter this city... through the whirlpool portal that can only be reached by boat.

The only way to exit this city is by a magical bubble created by the energies of the Elder. Now there is a direct transport to the Forest of Edenia.

This place is a legend in Aurora, where all hope to one day end up. Unfortunately, the Edenians do not allow weak mortals entrance. The land of Edenia, the area consisting of the forest, lake, and any island in between, is rumored to hold powerful artifacts and hidden spells.

The Edenian Forest - Litop

The second main land within Edenia is the Edenian Forest. A dark desolate forest that separates the other lands and the Edenia. The land is cursed by the evil and is haunted with ghosts, ki'dran (dead Kithar, Rseers, and Kizern), and the Rhoth (the dead Edenians). However, it is protected by the god Kijuata.

Not many people enter the woods around Edenia because of the deadly trees and vines. Poison is very potent here and drains at least 1 level from its victims.

This is also the home of the Shadow Mages, spoken of on another page. These Edenians utilize the dark powers of the forests and use them as foci so they can cast their most powerful and devastating spells in the world. This is the place where all demons are summoned from, because the barrier between the mortal realm and the dark realm is weakest within this forest.

The Kitima Shrine

The last major area is the small island Kitima, the only neutral ground within all edenia. On this island, a large temple was constructed to house a god, a goddess, the Elder, and the Queen. Once a year the inhabitants of Edenia must take the Ether Crystals they harvested to the stone temple for a blessing. This shrine is hidden from mortals and contains many barriers. It is within the view of the Edenian Forest.

The Island was made by the gods and Celestials and they continue to live on the planet and hold their meetings every few years in the Edenian Nexus. The magic Island became a meeting place of the races of Edenia. A sanctum to all races and creatures who can find this mythological place. Even Acrys, Earth, and Qwerty have heard of this Holy Place. However, the inhabitants have created certain laws and enforces them without pain and suffering.

The Celestials placed five rune stones on this island where their elements are more powerful. The island is protected by the magic from the crystals. Outside magic will be countered instantly and will be costing more to use while here. These rune stones are very powerful using the powers of Earth, Fire, Wind/Air, Water, and Ether. One rune is located in the underwater city, Aquaris; howerver, there is one stone in the Forest City of Litop. These stones, when placed on the correct pillars will perform various miracles, and may even grant skills or spells to a warrior. Edenians are not allowed to fight here. All members of ANY guild in the lands of Edenia must pay 5 copper to this land per month or lose their magic and skills.

The Kitima Shrine

This shrine is only a legend to the other races of Aurora. Many beings think that the Celestials wanted to create a world where technology still existed on Aurora. However, the technology never caught on as well as the powers of magic and mystical arts. Even the inhabitants of Edenia knew of science and technology, how to use them, and how to develop them on Aurora, but they chose not to.

The Edenians placed the Shrine on an islands so that the other races that inhabitated Aurora would someday find the sacred place and join with their brothers in a battle for the life of Aurora. The Kitima Shrine is only one of the many powerful and fortunate places on the planet. Magic is useless there and the fightning will not take place there. Only the Elder and the Queen could draw upon the Great Powers located just below the surface.


This is a hidden area...

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