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The Shadow Mages guild is a layman guild, whose members must spend a very long time practicing and learning magics. They must also choose a specific form of magic, upon entering the Third Level. Their abilities can be divided into three powerful groups:

It is the combination of these skills which allow these shadow mages to be so very powerful. This is a very powerful guild with many pros and equally as many cons. If you learn all the skills, you will be virtually undefeatable during combat!

How to Join

There is a guildmaster who you can join this guild by typing joinguild Shadow. Nemesis allready has guildjoin nemesis. Can we synchronise these commands? You will be given a special guild item and a small spell which returns you to the Training Room. Another way to join is to ask the guildleader, who will allow you to join through him or her. This is the recommended way. The final way is to pray to the wizards, "Raiden, Matroid, or Caligula" when you cannot meet with the guildleader or guildmaster. However, you will not be granted the spell or the guild items.

Restrictions on Membership

  1. A member may never join the other edenian guilds.
  2. A member may never join a team with a member of a guild with whom the Shadow Mages are at war.
  3. A member must assist all members of their guild and kill all members of the enemy guild when war is declared.
  4. A member should stay evil or neutral aligned. No loss of spells, but some will not be useful to good characters.
  5. A member should not be android. Androids only learn the physical abilities. No spells or psychic powers will be granted unto them.
  6. A new member must meet the "10 in all stats" requirement.

The last item seems rather useless...since this evaluates to true

Leaving the Guild

Unknown horrors have been the curse to all who has tried to leave this guild. Some include, but are not restricted to... death, loss of magic and abilities, loss of experience, loss of quest experience, Excuse me? Loss of QUEST exp? loss of stats, and a severe weakening to all attacks.


Sorry, as of now, no one has been able to find the Shadow Mages guild. Someone may find it soon...

Guild Council

No information is available to the non-members and Level 1 Members.

The Library(Sub Guild)

No information is Available at this time... ASK Members.


When joining this guild, you are a Level 0 Page. This is the lowest of the ten levels and as such, the only special ability you gain is to recall to the guild and the use of the guild item. By chatting with the guildleader or wizards of the guild, you will be promoted to a Level 1 Trainee. That's when the fun starts. You learn a basic spell and can train 1 physical attack and 1 psychic attack.

You must train this NOW!

To get another guild level you must preform many deeds worthy of your level.

Guild Levels


Common fighting skills:

Common magic skills:

General skills:

Guild specific skills:


Physical Abilities:

Psychic Abilities:

Magical Ether Abilities:

SUMMONING SPELLS (max per member = 7)

Max 7 out of 5? Looks unfinished

TRANSMUTATION SPELLS (max per member = 1path)


More to come later

Updated 4/14/2000

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