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Aurora FAQ file by Lockey
New update : 20-03-1996

1) Aurora is primitive. How primitive?

Aurora has an Inca or Mayan sort of culture which means the people in Aurora are capable of building quite complex buildings and cities. Weaponry can be anything up to steel. Reading and writing is limited, sign language is used a lot. A simple alphabet is used.

2) Races on Aurora

3) Other creatures on Aurora

There are many different creatures, all with different alignments. Magical and undead creatures are also possible because of the magic on Aurora. No droids, cyborgs and other hi-tech creatures. Demons and the like can be summoned, but are not native on Aurora.

4) How strong are the creatures in Aurora?

There are all sorts of creatures all with their own strengths and weaknesses. Most of the creatures will have magical abilities or even spell casting abilities.

5) Where on Aurora is higher technology?

We need links to the other domains. This could be made possible through magic. Preferable is that no other domain can be reached without enough skills, money or magic points.

6) What kind of atmosphere is the on Aurora? Like on earth?

We DO want humans hanging around here, don't we? I want an earth-like atmosphere here so humans can breathe easily. Ofcourse, the desert has a hot, dry atmosphere, the jungle a thick, moisten atmosphere, and the mountains a cold atmosphere. But, one could expect this on Earth too..

7) What kind of armour do aurorians have?

The technological level of the Aurorians doesn't allow hi-tech materials like steel or powerful alloys. However, "classic" materials _are_ available (gold, bronze, copper, platinum, whatever).

8) What kind of weapons do Aurorians have?

Bows, swords, spears and magical weapons. I bet you guys can come up with even more stuff...

9) And magical armour and weapons?

We want to have lots of magical stuff, even if it is just a little bit like a illuminating dagger. Almost all equipment should have some magical touch to it, we don't want all the equipment to have too destructive spells on them. The rule is that how better the sword the tougher it will be to get it.

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