This text is compiled out of the information brought to us by several brave adventurers, who survived the long and dangrous journey to the headquarters of the Nemesis Guild.


During the great war, Nemesis was the leader of the dark legions that ravaged the surface of the planet. His mages ruled the battlefields with their spells. But all was in vain. The joined forces of Aurorian armies were too much and the dark army was slain. In this last battle Nemesis was killed, and his disciples scatered over the land. But the dark priests of Nemesis didn't run. They went back to get the corpse of Nemesis and found a way to revive their master. Now Nemesis is regrouping his dark army and filling in the ranks with new soldiers, but it is a slow process because Nemesis can't leave the shrine. The shrine is wat keeps Nemesis 'alive'.

Things a member gets:

- various spells, mostly offensive
- training in a number of skills
- some equipment to help them on their way
- access to the facilities of Nemesis
- help from other members

Restrictions on membership:

- A member may not learn robotics, computer science or technology.
- A member may not be an android.
- A member must be evil or face the concequences.
- A member can never join a team with a member of a guild with whom Nemesis is at war.
- A member should assist the other members and kill all members of guilds with whom Nemesis is at war.

Spells and magic

To be able to cast a spell, one needs to be evil.
The members have knowledge of the following spells:
- Insect Swarm: summons insects to assist you in a fight.
- Raise Dead: turns remains into an animated body.
- Vampiric Touch: drains you oppenents health and heals you!
- Death Fog: heavy damage on ALL non-teammembers in room.
- Summon Creature: summons an evil creature to assist you.

Becoming a Battlemage

To join the Nemesis-guild, you must go to Nemesis himself and type: 'guildjoin Nemesis'.
Joining Nemesis will cost you 1000 copper coins, and you will need to pass a couple of criteria.
The Nemesis-guild only accepts experienced adventurers.
You need a certain inteligence to be able to cast at all.
Only living things possess the ability to use magic, so only livings are allowed.
You must prove that you are evil.

Leaving the Nemesis guild

To leave the Nemesis-guild, you need to go to Nemesis and type: 'guildleave Nemesis'.
The price for leaving the guild is death; You will not be removed from the guild untill you are dead. Be sure, Nemesis will help you with this minor problem.

One of the adventurers brought with him a note, supposedly written by the Nemesis guild master himself. A copy of this note is included below.

Minions of the Dark,

Listen to the voice of Death itself.. Thou shallt experience tingling sensations of more power soon.. The staffs shall be empowered with fire.. Robes shall be handed out that allow you to hide from enemies.. Can you not hear the screams that are emerging from the mouths of the idiot villagers our Priests us to test new spells?

Ah, how we love the sight of blood on the walls.. Rest assured, dear members, that the days of glory shall soon be ours.. But, as we learned during the Great War, patience means victory.. Give us some time and we will gather enough strength to smite Good.

Your Overlord and Guildmaster,

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