Stone hawk guild

written by Caligula, Oct 22nd 1999


The Stone hawk guild is an occupational guild, whose members turn to their inner selves and exploit its powers in psyonic ways to change the world they live in.

In the past nothing more than outcasts because they were grossly misunderstood, they are now a powerful adversary in the gamestage of mages, priests and clerics. Bear in mind, however, that their powers are not derived from prayers, enchantments or spell-casting. Instead, they rely on their knowledge of the psyche.


They have 7 skills to train:


Organised around these skills, they have the following powers.

  1. Clairsentience:
  2. Psychokinesis:
  3. Psychometabolism:
  4. Psychoportation:
  5. Telepathy:
    On a side-note: the success of many telepathic attacks depends on the subjects intelligence as well as your own.
  6. Metapsionics:
  7. Psychovisualisation:

    This skill does not result in extra powers; players should note however, that all psyonic powers rely on their users ability to psychically visualise the outcome of his actions.

    This means that the better he can visualise things, the better the results of his powers.


The psyonicists can only fight with small-sized weapons (daggers, dirks, knives, ponjards and shortswords), and are limited to leather or hide armor; they can also carry a small shield, but no gauntlets, pauldrons, etc.; of course they can also wear rings and amulets.

They cannot learn spellcraft or other magic-related skills.

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