Lyon, 05.09.97
#include "photographs.h"


Interesting, hard evidence that our keepers are not what you might think they are.

Here are a few comments by Bilbo to explain the situations.

  1. Frenzy contemplating some highly intellectual reading. (Fiesta is a low-grade porn-type mag (my flatmate bought it from a club at 4:00 in the morning one day.)

  2. Da keepers - pissed & stoned - having come back from a walk during which he claims he was followed by a gang of black guys (what an imagination!)

  3. K, T & S have a rest (what lightweights!)

  4. (Left to right) Moi, Vadiem, F, Ash, K, S. Bilbo is not bothered.
    Vadiem ponders.
    Frenz thinks he's a moose.
    Ash tries to look like a fruit.
    Kurry slightly before the walk (see #2).
    Styxx loads up with more food.

  5. Aaargh! Help! Get it away!

  6. Front: Koresh not wanting a kiss from Tijntje.
    Tijntje insisting.
    Back: Stycks about to strangle Kurry ("I saw you finish my beer").
    Waylander is happy that Tijn isn't trying to kiss him.
    Bilbo & Frenz do the Macarena.

  7. Last time I ever trust the keepers.
    Or Tijn. Or Frenz.