Theme of Outer Space

A MUD* is a virtual reality complete with virtual countries, virtual wars, time, races and people. In this new dimension, you play the role of an adventurer. As you explore the world you will meet other adventurers who might be friendly (or unfriendly) to you. It will be up to you to choose your friends and enemies. As you treat others, they are likely to treat you. Some creatures may prove hard to deal with and some might be willing to trade. A few will flee as you approach while others will stay and fight. As you gain experience as an adventurer you will get better at the skills that you choose to practise. Whether that is to wield powerful magic or lethal laser guns is again your choice. Maybe you wish to do both... The goal of a MUD is the same as in real life: whatever you want it to be! E.g. to become respected, wealthy or powerful.

Like the real world a MUD changes continuously, the places you once visited may be completely different the next time you get there. And new areas will be created (discovered) while you walk around.

Mud is an acronym for 'Multi User Dungeon' or 'Multi User Dimension' where the original meaning ofcourse was 'Multi User Dungeon'. The firsts MUD's showed many similarities with the fantasy world of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (AD&D) and Magic.
For a Science-Fiction MUD however, I personally prefer to use 'Multi User Dimension'. The MUD-concept however hasn't changed at all.

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