The Domains of Outer Space

In the known universe these are the planets known to contain life.


This planet's surface is almost completely covered in water. Acrys was overlooked until fairly recently, when rock samples were taken. It was found that the planets crust was rich in valuable minerals, and several different mining companies decended upon it, trying to plunder it's wealth. They were not the only people that came to plunder: Pirates ride on massive ships that ply the sea, to take their cut of the profits. But noone has noticed the native inhabitants of this planet, who lurk beneath the waves...
Liege: Ash


Planet Aurora is a low-tech world of deserts and jungles, inhabited by a primitive Inca-like people known as the Aurorians. It's here where magic is still available in its purest form.
But there is more to Aurora than meets the eye: What is the true function of the temple in the jungle, and what lies hidden in the pyramids? Some people here are more advanced, than they would like you to know!
Liege: Avatar


Who doesn't know Earth? The home planet for humans. They who made a gigantic leap in technology. Think of futuristic cities, space stations and all new thingies yet to be invented. A world-wide monorail system will take you anywhere you want.
Liege: Dyorion


This small planet exists somewhere in the depths of outer space. It is lost and empty. But it is full of robots and cyber systems of all kinds. Without proper service this cyber system became wild; if anything is still working here, it's only by chance.
Liege: Rogar

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