Areas on Earth


For some areas of Earth, additional information is available (more to come). Nearly every area holds one or more quests. These are probably not easy to locate, but if you solve them, you will be richly rewarded!

Earth Space Centre (E.S.A.)

This is the starting point for players on Earth. This place serves as the main gateway between all the major cities on this planet. From here you can also travel to any of the other know planets in the universe via the (free) public spaceship system. This place also serves as main transport hub between al other places on Earth and lets you travel to them either by ship or by train.

You can find most important services (banks, shops, a post office restaurant etc.) here. Also available are several sources of information such as bulletin boards and and an information center

Very neutral area.


This is Australia, the land down under... The hole in the ozone-layer has just become bigger, so this keeps the radiation comin' in. The people had to build protective domes around their cities to prevent them from mutating. But not everyone here is rich enough to afford a nice healthy place inside the city. The outcast has to live outside, unprotected...

With the dome closed for now; nothing much to do.


A thriving touristical place, with sunny beaches, shops and beautiful touristic places. Book your ticket now and take the luxurious ship from ESA to the beautiful Bahamas.

Mostly harmless unless you're looking for trouble.

Symtec Corporation

The Symtec-cooperation is one of Earth's largest manufacturers of weapons and armour. The latest technologies are employed to make cost efficient and light armours and laser based weapons. Their headquarters are located near E.S.A.

Industrial complex. Guarded.


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