How to get around in the game

When you enter the world, things might seem strange to you at first sight. However, there are a lot of different commands intended to make things easier for you. Here is a short list of some useful ones.

[help] [help commands]

This is the most important function: you can get help on every available command and some other topics as well. For general information type 'help general' and use 'help commands' to get a list of all basic commands. With 'help <topic>' you can get more help about a specific command or other topic.

[north east west south up down] [n e w s u d]

These are the six basic directions for you to move in. If you wish to go north, type 'north' or 'n' to move that way. Combinations of these directions (northeast / ne, nw, se, sw) are frequently used as well.

[look] [look at] [examine]

By typing 'look' or short 'l' you look around in your present location. If you 'look at apple' you will take a closer look at the apple and resieve a longer description if that item. 'examine' or 'exa' will perform the same way. This is a very useful command!

[get] [drop] / [get all] [drop all]

These commands allows you to pick up things that you find. You can of course drop the things you carry along with you as well.

[inventory] [i]

Allows you to see what you are carrying.

[say] [shout]

This is very very useful if you wish to talk to someone. Just type 'say Hello, who are you?' when there is someone to talk to. If you shout you will be heard in the next room as well but not further away.

[wield] [kill]

This might be useful if you are attacked... Assume you are about to be eaten by a lion and can't run away. Well, you can fight by wielding a weapon ('wield sword') and kill the lion ('kill lion'). But then, the lion might kill you anyway.

[wear] [remove]

If you have some sort of armor and wish to use it, you will have to wear it first. If you wish to change armor you must remove your old one. ('remove leather armor' / 'wear platemail')


When you meet someone in the game you do not instinctively know their name. Naturally you have to introduce yourself and your fellow companions to the new person.
Use 'introduce myself' and 'introduce <name>' to let the others know who you and 'name' are.


Ending the game (obvious). The next time you log in, you will be back at your default start-location. Most objects (except the money) you were carrying will then be lost.

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