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Joining a Guild

Every living character has an ethnic background that he has common with other characters in his neighbourhood. He has choosen a profession in which he specializes. He also has an amateuristic interest in which he has some skill. Besides this he is a member of some local clubs and organizations. This is represented in the concept of guilds. There are three types: occupational, layman, and race.

The occupational guild defines the profession on the player. There are two main guild styles: one based on technology, the other magic. Orcourse every guild is unique, some offer extra features for fighting, others for communicating, stealing or whatever.

The layman guild is the 'everyman' version of the occupational guild. A fighter who wants to learn the basics of magic will typically enroll here. An occupational guild will typically have a layman branch as well where members of other occupational guilds can become members. Naturally the level of skill proficiency in the layman guild is quite lower than in the occupational guild.

The race guild supplies the player with a background and a place of origin. The main features of a race are race-specific emotions and characteristics.

However guilds don't just offer advantages, they also require a certain 'guild tax'. (Usually a percentage of all gained experience.) And since guild binding is very close, leaving a guild, might take a great sacrifice. You should always carefully read the rules of the guild before you decide to join!

The following guilds are already available:

Occupational Guilds Layman Guilds Minor guilds

Racial Guilds

Android: Askari: Human: Kithar:
  • None
  • None
  • None

Others are under construction.

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