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Our history

In the past the planet Qwerty was wealthy and prosperoured. It was inhabited by androids only who had not fought any war and were not prepared for battle. When the rest of the universe discovered just how rich and how utterly defensless this planet was they started looting the planet. The android did not have weapons, and it took them many years before they, greatly reduced in numbers, managed to find a way to protect what they had built up over the ages.

One android texNo developed a special fighting technique that did not use any weapons. It took him several years to perfect this technique and teach it to the other fighters.

When the androids had mastared the martial arts, a great battle followed. The enemies who were much greater in numbers, but badly organised were terrified when they saw that they were outmatched by this wierd strategy of teXno, without even using sophisticated weapons. Still it took several decades before the intruders were stopped from doing any more damage to the planet.

Our guild is the remains of this army that was formed during the war. Texno has retired, and we have reformed, but we are still practising to fight and we hunt down the remaining bandits in the mountains. Join us, and you'll see what are we doing!

The army that was formed during the war named themselves after their leader teXno and have their base in a secret location. Their speciality nowadays is still fighting without any weapons and developing better fighting techniques. Also they know their way around with electricity, which can be dangerous also if used effectively.

Our rules are simple: Our members don't ever kill androids. (NPCs included!) If some evil forces attack Qwerty again, they all have to come immediately to defend our planet. We can't allow another invasion to happen.

The guild has three circles. Anyone, who has joined Harciac is a member of the First Circle. Members of the First Circle pay 3% guild tax, and can learn some fighting skills to a good level. About the other two circles you can get information inside the guild. Before you join any of the inner circles, you can leave the guild any time losing skills (you'll lose quite a lot, so think twice before you decide to join), but after you have joined the Second Circle, you won't be able to leave the guild this way.

To join any Circle of Harciac, you have to solve a quest that the guild gives you. Ask the members, if you want to know more.

Androids can join as racial guild members. Racial guild members are members of the First Circle.
Every player can join as a layman member (even androids). Layman members are also members of the First Circle.
If you want to be a really great warrior, join us as an occupational member. If you do so, you start as a member of the First Circle, but you will be able to join the Second circle, and even the Third Circle after that.

Always remember that joining guilds is a serious decision, so join us only if you are absolutely sure you want that.

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