Space Junkies

The Union of Space Junkies is a club of people who waste most of their time fooling around with high-tech stuff throughout the depths of outer space. The Space Junkies are practically addicted to all the nice technological equipment, that modern civilization has to offer. They try and take the full advantage of all electronics in the Universe. Since they are not superstitious, but rational and intelligent, they are far superior to the barbarians, who - in some parts of the cosmos - still crush each others skulls with solid rocks.

This guild was created by Koresh, who also maintains it.

All Space Junkies get a Spacecomp, a high-tech portable computer. They can fill it with energy from energypacks, or by vaporizing corpses.
This energy is needed for most of the functionality of the Spacecomp.

As an occupational (not Layman) Space junkie, you have access to a training room where you can learn the following skills:
Skill: Max Level:
Aiming confident master
Blind combat confident veteran
Computer science superior journeyman
Firearms confident master
Hide superior journeyman
Language superior veteran
Robotics superior journeyman
Sneak superior journeyman
Technology confident master
Trading confident veteran


  • Membership fee is currently 15% tax on your earned exp for occupational members, and 6% for layman members.
  • As an occupational member of the Space Junkies, you're not allowed to train magic skills above one third of the normal level.
  • If you leave the guild all Space Junkie and magic skills will be erased from your memory.
  • You'll have to obey the Space Junkie rules.
For more information on joining this guild visit the Space Junkie library.

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