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This file gives a description of how AberMUDs can communicate with each other and the protocol used. I don't know of any implementation outside the Aber-community, but as usual I'm working on an LPC implementation for OuterSpace.

Note that not just anybody can join up with this network: you need to register your MUD first (with a password which will be checked). The registration information should contain at least the name and IP address of your MUD, the port to use and a desired password. These are currently (previously?) handled by Kroll@SMiLE (email smile{at}mirai{dot}net).

Aberchat communication is done via a TCP connection to a central intermud router. Which is pretty much the same idea as (the newer?) I3. The (only) currently available aberchat router is ???.

Protocol design

A typical message looks like:

A typical message to all muds looks like:


The ^G character here is a special seperator (ASCII 7). This implies that this chacater is explicitly disallowed in the content of the arguments. (Bad luck for Embe@Silke I guess :) [Error opening file `/usr/local/lib/httpd/htdocs/intermud/../footer.txt': No such file or directory] [Error parsing directive]