Meeting Other People

In earlier versions of LPmud, the names of all players were known to all other players. This gave an indication as to if a character met in the game was actually a player or just an NPC (Non Playing Character). NPC's could of course mask themselves as players by giving themselves a name, it was still not very good. Why would we know all these names? Where all the characters in the game wearing nametags or what?

Later, the concept of races was introduced for the players (not just for NPC's). The race of a character is assumed directly visible, this might not be true in every concievable case, it is a simplification, although a much better one than that everyones name is always known.

However when I meet a character, and we exchange names, we have been introduced. When I meet him next time I will most likely recognise him and therefor I will know his name.
The commands 'introduce myself', 'remember <name>' and (since your mind is not unlimited) 'forget <name>' are used to better simulate reality in the MUD. For a list of all people, you have been introduced to or who you remember, use 'introduced' or 'remembered'. 'who' will list all people you know and are logged on at the time.

For example when you see Konradius eating an apple, the message you get depends on whether you have met Konradius before (and were introduced). If so you will see: 'Konradius eats a green apple.'
Otherwise, you would get something like: 'The wizened android eats a green apple.'
Note that NPC's also have the ability to introduce themselves, just like normal players. However asking some intelligent questions will usually show who is a real player, and who is not.

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