Solving Quests

Just like in real life, playing in a MUD you meet with many different challenges.

Challenges may come to you as quests you have to solve. A quest can be any task, simple (like returning an object to someone or solving a riddle) or difficult (get to drink from the holy grail or destruct the one ring). Most quests require special skills, as well as money, strenght, dexterity, intelligence and/or courage. Some difficult quests can only be solved and completed with an experienced team.

But before you can even solve a quest, you need to find out what the challenge is. Sometimes another player or NPC (Non Playing Character) tells you about this, sometimes you need to figure even that out yourself. But after completing a quest you will always be reward: usually with extra experience (leading to higher levels), but maybe with improved skills, money or a special object with magical powers as well.

Doing quests is an important, but not the only way to progress in the MUD-reallity. You will get experience for killing monsters as well. However the bigger ratio combat/quest experience (the so-called brute-factor), the less experience is gained when killing a monster. This results in a more interesting environment, in which exploring is more important, challenging and amusing than slaughtering.

You can raise your skills by training them (for a small fee) at specific guilds. Money is something you cannot do without: you need it for buying food and drinks, for transportation, obtaining weapons and armour and everything else you are asked to pay for. Getting the money is a problem of most players: you can ofcourse sell the items you got - but... how do you get items in the first place? However there are other ways (violent and not) to get money directly from people who have it on them.

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