The Use of Skills

Some people can fight very good with a sword, others are masters at trading and making deals. In the MUD this is represented by skills: there are over a hundred areas of skill and profession. This includes a wide range of fighting, magic and technology skills, but also more general skills like hiding, appraising objects, swimming and languages can be learned.

Skills do usually not come by nature: you can be rewarded skills for solving a quest, or you can learn them by following training courses (which cost money). Most guilds offer certain specialised skills; you will be able to improve these skills to a really high level. However when you leave the guild, you may loose these techniques again.

There is no limit in the number of skill you can learn. However your personal background (especially you race, stats and guild memberships) will determine your talent for mastering certain skills. If you for example have a magical background, you will have less talent for learning technological skills; and vice versa.

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