Slang in Multi User Dimensions

Conversations in MUD's are slower than in real life, because every word has to be typed on a keyboard. To speed up things, players often leave out half sentences and use phonetic resemblance, many abbreviations and a whole range of smileys.

A typical example of phonetic resemblance is 'CU l8r' (see you later).
A complete list of abbreviations is impossible, because more are made up every day. These terms are not specific for OuterSpace: they are used on other MUDs, on IRC and other online chats as well. The following however are being used quite frequently:

afk away from keyboard
afaik as far as I know
brb, bbl be right back, be back later
btw by the way
cmiiaw correct me if I am wrong
fvw feeling very well: the best character health level
imho in my humble opinion
irl, rl (in) real life: that is everything not concerning MUD
j/k joking, just kidding
ld link-dead: somehow lost the conection but didn't quit
n/m never mind
os Outer Space
po Post Office
rotfl rolls on the foor, laughing
rtfm read the fucking manual; mostly used among wizards
stfu shut the fuck up!

There are two basic smileys: happiness :-) and sadness :-(.
But every variant the keyboard allows is used as wel, e.g. ;> (wink), ||>O (stunned).

Emotions are usually written between asterisks, and stressed words between underscores:
Koresh answers: _You_ are threatening _me_?? *laugh*

Remember that, although English is the language used, it is not the native tongue of most players. Inevitable, this leads to many typos (typing errors) and the use of some words, you will not find in any English dictionary. After reading this, you will be prepared.

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