How to start playing

First you need make a telnet connection to Outer Space. This can be done by typing 3333 at the telnet prompt. Before you can play the game you have to create a playing character.

N.B. If you log in as guest there is no need to create a character: you can start right away. Logging in as guest is only allowed for quickly checking out the MUD, if you really want to play creating your own character is necessary.


First you will be asked to type your name. Be advised that the name you enter there is the name of your adventurer in the game, not your name 'in real life'. The name you choose is for you to keep all through the game and it can not be changed.


When you have chosen a name you will be asked to enter a password. This password is for you only to know and you should make sure noone else may get it (even by guessing). It prevents others from playing your character and thus imposing as you. If the admin ever finds out a character is being 'shared', it will be removed from the game.

The password has to be at least 6 characters long and will not be echoed on your screen as you type it. You will have to confirm it by typing it a second time.

[The hall of bodies]

In this strange room, you can select your very own body. The terminal will show you all the information needed: Just type 'examine terminal' for a list of commands and use the given functions to create your own playing character.

Be aware that the race you select will also determine the planet you start on and thus your cultural background. All people can travel around the universe and as you discover other planets, you may find a way to start there next time you log in.

[Enter the world of the living]

After you have left the hall, you will be moved to your very-own starting room. Once here, please use 'email' to set your e-mail address. It enables us to get in contact with you if the need should arise. If you really don't have one, just enter 'none'.

Now you are ready to play and explore the strange new worlds in Outer Space.

If you are unable to contact the server, try again a few minutes later; or use the IP number instead of the name: 3333. Should it be impossible to create your own playing character, then please contact the Outer Space Administrators.

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