The Wizards, and how to become one of them

The wizards are responsible for the creation and maintenance of the virtual world. They make all the places where players can come, the NPC's you meet, creatures you fight and objects you hold. The wizards have their own world and levels, seperated from the players. To the players, the wizards are often known as Gods who can control faith and destiny. Interaction between players and wizards is rare, and usually only occurs when something went wrong. Even more than players, wizards are needed to get a good MUD.

In Outer Space the admin feels the virtual world has not yet expanded enough to let players explore it. Therefore wizards are needed to help creating. If you want to help the admin out creating a new world, shaped after your imagination only, you're welcome. Just log in as a normal player and go to a postoffice, not far from you're starting place (s,s,w,n on Earth). There you should type 'mail playerarch' to send a letter to the Arch of Mortals, in which you express your wish and commitment to help creating. He will help you getting started as a wizard.

The coding is done in LPC, a C-language variant designed by Lars Pensjö, especially for the creation of Multi User Dimensions. Coding experience is not required: it is easy to learn, and there are many wizards in Outer Space to help you.

A nice LPC manual by Ronny Wikh is available online.

The utilities (commands) the wizards have to handle files are closely related to the standard UNIX commands (cp for copy, mkdir to make a new directory, cat and more to read a file etc.) Ofcourse these commands are included in the standard documentation as well.

A useful tool to create code offline on a Windows machine, can be found here (created by Ash).

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